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Hello, I’m Leslie Mowery

Administrative Assistant/Talent Coordinator


I provide administrative assistance with integrity and commitment to the ESN staff and to our 100+ field-based National Account Managers throughout the United States and Canada. Working together, I provide assistance with their professional journey and achievements.

Additionally, I am the Talent Coordinator for all of our new National Account Managers. My goal is to ensure a smooth transition into their entrepreneurial role.


“I’ve worked with Leslie for over a year now and she always strives to help. And if she doesn’t have the answer for you she will try to find it!

And I love the fact that Leslie always handles herself professionally too. In a virtual office environment sometimes it is easy to forget that you should remain professional. She never forgets.

We are lucky to have Leslie on our team!”

Diane A. Steele, CMP
Senior National Account Manager / ESN Elite

“Leslie is a great asset to the ESN team. She provides support (more than most know) to many and always with a positive outlook. She’s very thorough and detailed and is not afraid to ask questions to ensure things are being done correctly. I relish the opportunity to work with Leslie on the ESN Encounter event.”

Tim Stuhldreher
Registration Specialist, EOL

“I am so thankful that every day I show up for work, Leslie is right there with me…and alongside our other 100+ National Account Managers and Experient staff as well! I just don’t know how she does it, juggling her many responsibilities, always responding to us in timely manner – and pleasantly, to boot!

Leslie is extremely efficient and thorough, and on the rare occasion she may not have a solution or response to a question, she points us quickly to a resource who does.

And just as importantly to me, Leslie is an encourager – she has a very calm and peace-filled demeanor, always has something kind to say, is “all in” with the ESN’s Support Resources’ Mission and commitment to our team.

Leslie reflects “taking good care of each other” and I am thankful she is part of our ESN family – we all appreciate you, Leslie!”

Janice Sturm
National Account Manager / ESN Elite

I enjoy my work providing administrative assistance to the ESN and Onboarding new ENAMs, because I am able to interact with such a remarkable group of people. I am based in Grand Rapids, MI and have lived here most of my adult life. In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my family, my dogs, doing photography, reading, listening to music, and gardening.

My Personal Statement

TEAMTogether, Everyone, Achieves, More…


My Contact Information

Phone: 616-281-2588
Fax: 330-486-9045

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