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Hello, I’m Michael La Charite

Event Strategist, ESN

(951) 422-8882

I am thrilled to join Experient’s incredible network of event and hospitality professionals. My passion for events, large or small, is only exceeded by my passion for serving YOU! I pride myself on providing an exceptional client experience from beginning to end, and will work hard to get you the best deal possible and make sure it’s the absolute right fit for you and your group!

And thanks to the collective data and knowledge secured by contracting 4.6 million room nights annually, you can be confident you are receiving the optimum combination of rates, concessions, and terms every time.

Let us put Experient’s purchasing power to work for you today; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


“When it comes to hotel sourcing, negotiation, organization and event planning, Michael is the best man for the job. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with him on two major events so far and he made the process so amazing, that we are in the process of planning the third. I can’t say enough about how well organized Michael is. His ability to determine the client’s needs, find great options, present them clearly and make sure the best interests of the client are represented during hotel sourcing and event planning is second to none. We are working on our third event together and discussing additional future events. There is no one else I’d rather have in my event planning and hotel sourcing corner than Michael!”

Curtis Webster Jr
Founding Father
Dads Married to Doctors LLC (DMD)

I have always loved events, from the most intimate lunchtime gathering to the largest conference! In a world that is ever-increasingly consumed by screens and apps, events offer an opportunity for community and relationship; face-to-face time, not FaceTime. It is my joy to serve you in whatever your mission is for your event. I value honesty, integrity, and commitment, and work hard in my business and personal life to keep those as my primary focus.

I am strongly committed to social responsibility, whether that’s volunteering on event committees for local nonprofits, helping my physician-in-training wife to support the underserved populations she champions, or donating a percentage of my event proceeds to worthy charities. I truly believe that in every action, interaction, and experience we provide through the events we put together, we have an opportunity to effect change. I look forward to working with you to exceed all of your event planning goals!

My Personal Statement

An exceptional client experience from beginning to end.

My Contact Information

Address:  PO Box 65309, Baltimore, MD  21209
Mobile: (951) 422.8882

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