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Our representatives are called National Account Managers and Senior National Account Managers. The “Senior” title is earned based upon revenue production.

Currently, there are just over 120 ENAMs.

You work for yourself, but to achieve financial success you need to sell and retain your accounts.  Traditional tasks include:

  • New account identification, development, and solicitation
  • Initiation, compilation, and presentation of site selection recommendations to prospective clients.
  • Sales proposal development, presentation, and client negotiations.
  • Initiation and negotiation of applicable hotel and meeting facility contracts.
  • Account management and administration.
  • Commitment to your business from Day 1 and show up each day after
  • Strong sales, account management and organization skills
  • Microsoft Office comfort
  • A competent, comfortable, and resourceful ability to problem-solve and trouble-shoot
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

No, you are an “independent contractor” working on behalf of our Experient and Maritz brands. As such, you are responsible for paying all your own taxes. You are NOT entitled to insurance or other company benefits offered to employees of Experient. However, while you are not a full or part-time employee of Experient, you are considered an integral element to the overall company success and are actively included in the overall Experient communication, training, and management-supported operations. Also, as an “independent contractor,” you can earn uncapped commissions that can often exceed traditional salary packages.

You will have permission to use the names “Experient,” “Maritz,” and “ESN.”  The title National Account Manager will be listed on your business cards. They will also indicate that you are “an authorized member of the ESN.”  Your business card will have both the Experient and Maritz logos.

Experient prefers individuals that are dedicated full-time to business development for Experient. Your focus has a direct impact on the speed of your goal achievement.

You are commissioned for all business that materializes. While final commissions are earned based on final revenues associated with any client service, in most instances you will begin being paid as soon as you begin booking business. Full details on commission amounts and terms and conditions will be provided in detail further into the selection process.

While the actual commission and revenue-sharing terms vary by the type of client-service relationship negotiated and sold on behalf of any representative, it can be a very lucrative business. With average production of representatives with over one year of business exceeding $2,000,000 in hotel room night revenue, the potential is great.

We encourage our representatives to have a diverse prospect portfolio that includes corporate, association, and affinity groups. While we encourage you to work in your geographic area, we also encourage you to leverage the multitude of relationships you have anywhere in North America. Your prospects are protected via our CRM and are maintained based on your documentation of your ongoing efforts.

You will need to have a phone, computer, Wi-Fi, and Microsoft Office. You will be provided complimentary access to our internal CRM, Cvent and a Sharepoint site that stores the resources you need to operate your business.

Experient will supply business cards and an appropriate supply of sales collateral at NO CHARGE to you. You are required to furnish all other supplies in order to make your office fully operational.

You are ultimately responsible for all expenses associated with operating an office—equipment (including computer, printer and desk), phone/fax/Internet access including long distance, postage, travel and entertainment. You are provided detailed operations and training documentation, onsite training, and an ongoing cooperative marketing support program to co-fund various types of marketing and territory development activities up to an annual maximum expenditure per ENAM. You will also have access to several complimentary continuing-education opportunities via webinars and live events.

You will be required to sign a contract which outlines scope of services provided, grant of license to utilize the Experient, Maritz and ESN names, compensation terms, and confidentiality and non-compete restrictions

Through the normal course of business, we recognize that you may have access to confidential information concerning the company that is of a special and unique value. As such, you will be asked to sign an agreement that includes confidentiality, non-solicitation, and non-competition clauses.

In addition to generating your own leads, Experient may provide additional leads that result from business development staff, website requests, responses to direct mail, or generated at trade/industry shows and events. You are expected to provide immediate follow-up to these leads.

Join the Meeting & Convention Industry’s Most Envied Independent Sales Team

Experient has been an industry leader for nearly 50 years serving the unique needs of associations and trade shows.

So whether you have prospects, want to plan a corporate meeting for 100, a trade show for thousands or a meeting of fans who like any hobby you can think of, you represent the two brands your clients will trust and recognize.

If you have a desire to increase your earnings by your second year; if you are ready to take control of your work/life balance; if you are ready to show up and run your business, this may be the perfect career opportunity for you to consider.

Contact us for a confidential discussion to determine if Experient is a good fit for you.

Andy Smith
Senior Vice President

Put our strengths to work for you!
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