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Hello, I’m Amy Alonso

Manager, System Resources


As the Manager of System Resources my greatest professional passion is understanding each representative’s objectives, goals, and personal situations to assist them in becoming successful during their entrepreneurial career path. I feel it’s important to “put myself in other’s shoes” in order to fully understand the perspective of other individuals. Since beginning with Experient in 2004, I have worked hard to ensure each colleague that I either know the answer or I will take the initiative to find the answer from the extensive internal network I have built over 14 years. More specifically, representatives are encouraged to contact me in regards to:

  • Personalized technical “first day” onboarding session
  • Data integrity in Experient’s CRM
  • Technology support including Experient systems and virtual office aspects
  • CRM training sessions
  • System Resources Team inquiries
  • Internal event questions
  • Department guidelines
  • SelectSource fulfillment including Cvent registration sites

I continuously seek opportunities to strengthen my mystique. I urge each representative to share their feedback with me.

ESN Site Photo

“Amy is one of those quiet leaders, a person that thinks before she speaks but has something important to say when she does. She has continued to grow in her job responsiblities not because they were assigned to her but because she saw a need and stepped up! She is efficient in her work, has great technical skills but maybe just as important is she is very diplomatic in dealing with over 100 independent reps!”

Teresa Hellman, CMP
Senior National Account Manager
Experient-A Maritz Global Events Company

“I have been working closely with Amy since she joined Experient. During this time she has shown an amazing ability to learn new technical material and has gone from being a liaison to IT, to doing the vast majority of IT support for ENAM’s on her own. Anytime there is a new challenge she does not know how to resolve I feel confident that once shown she will have it mastered in a few days. Thanks Amy!”

Chad Pirtle
Experient, Technical Services Department

“Amy Alonso has been a tremendous technical resource for the onboarding and continued support of Experient Sales Network Team Members.”

Chuck Sarber
Experient, Technical Services Department

“Amy Alonso is one of the hardest-working professionals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has a talent for effectively managing many different projects and her responses are always timely and professional.

Having Amy on my team has made an already wonderful job even better.

It’s refreshing to have someone like Amy on who I can always rely!”

Jill Kraatz
Experient National Account Manager

I began my career with Experient in 2004 as the Manager of the Experient Sales Network department within the Ohio corporate office. From 2004 to 2014, I single-handedly accepted and conquered all challenges proposed to me from the ESN; a flourishing independent representative department within Experient. In 2014, I accepted the opportunity to lead the ESN Resources Team as well as support the department on a higher level as the Manager of System Resources. Prior to joining Experient, I held sales support roles for ATX Communications and Choice One Communications. I earned my Associates of Applied Business degree from the Ohio campus of Fortis College. My personal passions are traveling, motorcycling, and volunteering in my local community of Los Angeles.

My Personal Statement

“A key to success in life is you have to decide you are going to “star” in your own life.”

My Contact Information

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 747-264-0650

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