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Hello, I’m Amy Alonso

Manager, System Resources


As the Manager of System Resources my greatest professional passion is understanding each representative’s objectives, goals, and personal situations to assist them in becoming successful during their entrepreneurial career path. I feel it’s important to “put myself in other’s shoes” in order to fully understand the perspective of other individuals. Since beginning with Experient in 2004, I have worked hard to ensure each colleague that I either know the answer or I will take the initiative to find the answer from the extensive internal network I have built over 16 years. More specifically, representatives are encouraged to contact me in regards to:

  • Personalized technical “first day” onboarding session
  • Data integrity in Experient’s CRM
  • Technology support including Experient systems and virtual office aspects
  • CRM training sessions
  • System Resources Team inquiries
  • Internal event questions
  • Department guidelines
  • SelectSource fulfillment including Cvent registration sites

I continuously seek opportunities to strengthen my mystique. I urge each representative to share their feedback with me.

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“I have worked with Amy for a number of years and I have found her to be reliable, knowledgeable, caring and responsible.  She is a valuable asset to all that work with her.

She is very good at organizing and time management.  Her strong suit is that she can see the “big picture” and initiate the steps necessary to complete the task within the time frame allotted.  She has IT experience, she provides technical information to end users in a way that they can relate to and understand.

She can be counted on to complete what she starts, uses common sense in addition to her knowledge base, and she genuinely cares about people.”

Leslie Mowery
Specialist, Sourcing Support & Services
Experient-A Maritz Global Events Company

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy Alonso since June 2017. At that time, I accepted a new position within our department requiring me to learn a multitude of new business processes. It was an exciting and, admittedly, daunting time for me. So much to learn and many expectations placed on my performance.

Amy quickly became a valued professional partner. She proactively offered me her time and expertise. Countless hours were spent educating me on her team, the culture, and the nuances of each role within the department. She provided outlines, instructions, and visual aids allowing me to swiftly identify the department’s strengths and opportunity areas. She was open and, most importantly, honest about areas requiring focus and improvement. Her candor helped me skip over the “ease in” phase that occurs when new positions are created and immediately focus on what was important.

Amy’s honesty with others and with herself is a trait that I hold in high regard. Before I began this role, Amy spent time on professional self-reflection with the goal of bettering the relationships between her and the direct reports on her team. I see so much respect amongst her team because of this approach. She asked for feedback and implemented positive change across the team. She’s not afraid of constructive feedback. She grows from it and that’s a fantastic quality.

Amy is a go-getter who focuses on growing her professional self via training and networking. She reads books, attends classes, seeks mentors, and says yes to new roles and challenges. I find her to be thoughtful and methodical in her approach to business. Quality work is important to Amy. While it’s nice to check something ‘done’ off a to-do list, Amy would rather have it done right, where the next time that task or project arises, she’s already created a method or process to improve it.

There’s a fire in Amy’s belly, if you will, to seek knowledge and make a difference. She stands up for what she believes in and will have the hard conversations, when necessary, to champion her goals. I admire that quality and think it will take her far.

I’m thankful daily for Amy’s contributions to our team and our company.”

Jennifer Walsh
Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing Services
Experient, A Maritz Global Events Company

I began my career with Experient in 2004 as the Manager of the Experient Sales Network department within the Ohio corporate office. From 2004 to 2014, I single-handedly accepted and conquered all challenges proposed to me from the ESN; a flourishing independent representative department within Experient. In 2014, I accepted the opportunity to lead the ESN Resources Team as well as support the department on a higher level as the Manager of System Resources. Prior to joining Experient, I held sales support roles for ATX Communications and Choice One Communications. I earned my Associates of Applied Business degree from the Ohio campus of Fortis College. My personal passions are traveling, motorcycling, and volunteering in my local community of Los Angeles.

My Personal Statement

“A key to success in life is you have to decide you are going to “star” in your own life.”

My Contact Information

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 330-858-8689

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